Our NEW Celebration Pick Is Bettermoo(d) Food Corp. and MOOO On The Canadian Securities Exchange.

NOTE: On the American Exchange the new symbol is MOOOF

After a long break, for a group like ourselves we have really gone deep on this one... maybe deeper than most of our prior PICKS.

What is crazy is that we had to find most of our incredible information from researching their famous co founder of the company BRYAN ADAMS.

We knew when we saw his name that this company had to have something incredibly important going for it.

The company itself is being very quiet so far.  We love that as most of our biggest runners start out that way.  The Company waited till things were concrete and then they let the public decide if they were important or not.

But the company so far, hasn’t said much about that. Hmmm. That makes us even more interested.

Very short and sweet, but one of the members of our research team got all excited and said “THE COMPANY HAS IT”.

He is a rabid health researcher and we are all health nuts and have learned so much from him its amazing.  To hear him get this EXCITED Blew Us Away!

Here is the big secret of health according to our StockStars member.

He said if you create a certain blend of herbs and other friendly bacterias your stomach, or GUT suddenly is able to take over the body, which means all kinds of amazing things for your health, your appearance, your glow, your mood as it were.

You slim down, you stop bloating, your overall health, skin, everything goes into turbo charge.

Our member said, “if I am right they have a health milk that acts as a super body building mechanism”

Our StockStars member claims that it works the same for his gardens.   He grows world class crops all based on creating a super soil, which protects the plants from weeds and disease and allows them grow BIG and Health.

The contacts that we have out in the field who told us that this was going to be a monster stock know to not tell us anything forward, but they are saying this unknown company is about to soar.

Well, we LOVE that too.

To top it all folks, the present technical chart pattern is one of, if not the best patterns for presenting a stock that just takes off and surprises everyone… stuns them in fact.

Here is a brief very important video presentation of this pattern and how EXPLOSIVE this pattern is.

NOTE:  Happy Gut Brands Ltd. has changed its name and symbol to Bettermoo(d) Food Corp. and MOOO on the Canadian Exchange and MOOOF on the American Exchange.  Since some chart services might not show the past data under the new symbol I did this video with the old symbol of HAPY.

Listen To This Short Video From The CEO Nima Bahrami As He Explains The Company And Their Future.

In conclusion, we think this company is siting on the future of alternative health that all the instagram models and health nuts and physical trainers are going to be all over.   We believe the stock price will explode.

Current UPDATE to our BIG pick MOOO!