We Made The TWO Biggest Stock Market Calls of ALL Time... BACK TO BACK!

Much bigger in terms of profit than Bitcoin and in a more liquid market, the stock market itself. It shocked the community that we communicated with.

The first call was the exact day of the August 2015 Flash Crash, which blew our subscribers minds.  We called the exact day, of the crash!  No one had ever done that before to our knowledge.  Then we did it one year later in September of 2016… TO THE DAY!

What Trade Did We Tell Everyone We Were Going To Take?

We stated that we were going to buy a small amount of near term "Put Options" that were slightly out of the money.

How much money could some of our subscribers have made overnight? Close to 90 times their money. Meaning a $10,000 investment, could have made very close to a Million Dollars.

How Big Of A Call Was This?

Well the top bitcoin promoter in the social media who is a friend and associate, told us that it was the biggest call he had ever witnessed. He was telling us to buy bitcoin at a dollar for quite some time.

Bitcoin has obviously done great, since being a dollar. Ridiculously well, but it took years to do what is has done.

Our pick, was an overnight pick, to be closed out in the first hour, the actual trade took a total of less than an hour. From 4pm to around 10 am the next morning. ONE TRADING HOUR.

How Did OUR Subscribers React To This Call?

A complete range of reactions.

Mostly disappointment for www.stockstars.bz subscribers, because they weren’t used to us making any predictions on ANYTHING other than low priced stocks.

We felt they should have taken it more seriously, because our track record on the low priced stocks was so darn good.

Subscribers, and our research team were given a much better chance on the identical flash crash one year later.

This time around we want to make it clear that although 95% of our investing is in low priced stocks.

We also, in our spare time,  have had a lifelong passion for the MONSTER TRADE in the overall stock market.

We are really good at it. In fact, we have indicators that have leaked out one by one into the trading community but we are pretty sure, very very few have put it all together.

Again hunting down low priced stock winners is our main focus.

And when available, we will alert a big board opportunity.

Our first act, in our big comeback is to hit you with a HUGE winner.

A company with a serious business plan, that could grow and grow like the superstar companies do on the big boards.


DRUM Roll Please! This Is IT!